Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

I get asked many times whether it is safe to whiten your teeth. The answer is an overwhelming yes.
It is important that your teeth are assessed by a dentist before you commence bleaching; this is to establish if there are any underlying infections, disease or teeth that will not bleach. No one but a dentist can give you that information.

Bleaching your teeth does not involve the enamel but instead works by lightening the inside of your tooth which then shines naturally through the glassy like enamel.

The active ingredient is Carbamide peroxide which is contained in bleaching solutions in varying amounts. Only dentists can provide the active ingredient in sufficient concentrations to be universally effective. Carbamide peroxide is the stable form of hydrogen peroxide. For solutions to have a long shelf life and remain effective they need to be in a form which is stable and also is freshly activated when applied.

Bleaching effectively means following the instructions given and being sensible with the process. It is much more effective when you bleach consecutive sessions rather than a night here or there. People should be aware that it will cause some sensitivity and this is a normal by product of the penetration of the bleach.

Of course bleaching for very long periods of time is not recommended and I would suggest that after the desired whiteness is achieved then an occasional top up every few years is all that is necessary.

Happy bleaching!

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