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Pain Management

Experiencing Headaches or TMJ Pain? Schedule a Head, Neck & Muscle Exam at Our Office in Paoli, Pa

Most often tooth pain is associated with a cavity, but this is not always the case. There are many associated structures that can cause head, neck, and yes, even tooth pain.
Our tempomandibular joint (or TMJ) and the muscles in our head and neck can also be a source of pain and can cause dysfunction.

At Omene Family and Cosmetic Dentistry we work to find the true source of the pain rather than just treat the symptoms. Pain management includes a complete head and neck exam and muscle test and a thorough review of lifestyle. We approach the pain from multiple angles and find the best treatment fit. Treatment modalities range from dry needling, trigger point injections, pharmacotherapy, nightguard or occlusal appliance therapy, massage and heat therapy or home exercises.

Migraine and Headache Management

TMJ Treatment

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Great experience…staff is very available, courteous and friendly. Dr Omene is very calm and has cleaned my teeth throughly. Would highly recommend this office. Thank you

Alenka H.

I highly recommend this office for the perfect dental experience. Staff is pleasant, accommodating but most importantly understanding of all patients’ needs.

George T.

Honestly, Omene Dentistry is the absolute best. They are so friendly…genuinely friendly! It is a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere as soon as you step…

Kristin S.